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5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Employer

over 4 years ago by Author

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5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Employer

And Why You Should Ask Them


Finding a job is no easy feat: you’d have to go through multiple
resume revisions, long hours of browsing through career portals, countless
online registrations, and tons of rejection emails before even getting a chance
for an interview. But once you finally get to talk with someone from a
potential employer, what exactly should you ask the potential employer to appear
interested, well-prepared, and competent?


Whether you’re actively looking for a job or you’ve been
approached by a recruiter, here are some essential questions you might want to
ask your potential employer.


Question 1:How big is the team and how does this role fit into the team?

Why you should ask this:This turns the focus from you to the
team as a whole, and makes your interviewer imagine you actually being in the


Question 2:Which departments will I be closely working with internally and
who are the persons-in-charge (PICs)?

Why you should ask this:As you imagine yourself as part of the
team, finding out whom you will be closely working with is essential to immerse
yourself in the work environment even before you start the job.


Question 3:What is/are the company’s value(s)?

Why you should ask this:Integrity? Efficiency? Creativity? Asking
this will make you understand what the company truly is at its core.


Question 4:Where is everyone located?

Why you should ask this:This is especially useful if you will
be working at a company with a global presence and/or has stakeholders all over
the world, as it will help you plan how to coordinate with them. The difference
in time zones might make coordination a little bit more complicated, so asking
about this detail in advance will help you get the bigger picture.


Question 5:Which skill would be the priority to have for someone who gets the job?

Why you should ask this:This will help you understand the significance
of the role and, depending on how the interviewer responds, might even give you
a better idea of how the organization operates as a whole.


Asking these questions not only shows that you put some thought
and effort into your application, but it also proves how you could be a proactive member of the company. Instead
of simply preparing the right answers, why not try a different
approach and actually prepare for a conversation rather than just a Q&A?


Remember: You are not in this alone. If you need help about this topic or if you
need some assistance in finding
your Next Move
, feel free to contact us today.